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AlmaWin Liquid Detergent 750ml

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AlmaWin Liquid Detergent is suitable for all fabrics except silk and wool with temperatures between 30° to 95°C. For brilliant white laundry Almawin recommends AlmaWin Oxygen Bleaching Agent. Ecogarantie certified. Dermatologically tested. Vegan.
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Product number: OHBA-8001750
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Put the detergent in the main detergent compartment of your machine or directly in the machine drum, before putting the washing.

You have got a machine with large load (6 - 8 kg): + 45 ml
You have got a machine with small load or you want to do a half load (2 - 3 kg): - 15 ml

Dosing is easy if you respect the our dosing instructions on the packaging. Respect the water hardness in your area and the degree of dirtiness of your washing.

You do not need to add extra water softener. Almawin detergents contain already all a washing process needs.

 For a washing machine load of 4.5 kg dry laundry
Water hardness    low polluted    medium polluted    high polluted
soft 40 ml 55 ml 85 ml
medium 50 ml 65 ml 95 ml
hard 65 ml 80 ml 110 ml
Product type Washing
Brand Almawin
Country of origin Germany


≥5% <15% soap (soap and plant oil soap*), <5% non-ionic surfactants (saccharoidal surfactants), perfums (natural essential lavandin* and lavender oil*), linalool.

*certified organic.

Further ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium salt of citric acid, lactic acid, xanthan gum.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.


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