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AlmaWin Dishwashing Tabs 500g

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AlmaWin Dishwashing Tabs are easy to measure. The tabs ensure thorough cleanliness and shiny dishes. For a perfect wash result, use AlmaWin Clear Rinsing Agent and AlmaWin Salt for Dishwashers. Ecocert certified. Dermatologically tested. Vegan.
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Remove plastic of the tab before use. Place one tab in the dispensing chamber. Place, in the case of very soiled dishes, preferably two tabs in the dispensing chamber or directly into the dish basket. Keep silver cutlery always separate from other metal cutlery in the basket.

For best dishwashing results without lime deposits it is recommended to use AlmaWin Clear rinsing agent and AlmaWin Dishwasher salt.

In case of heavily stained tea and coffee dishes add 20 ml of AlmaWin Oxygen Bleach in the dispensing chamber of your dishwasher. Ensure a perfect function of the ionic exchanger of the machine.

Product type Dish washing
Brand Almawin
Country of origin Germany


>= 15% <30% oxygen-based bleaching agent. <5% nonionic surfactants (vegetable sugar surfactants), enzymes (protease, amylase - GMO-free), perfumes, limonene, citral.

Other ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, TAED (bleach activator), sodium polyaspartate, water, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate, bentonite, vegetable oil, sodium salt of succinic acid.

91.0% of the ingredients are of natural origin.


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