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AlmaWin Dishwashing Rinsing Salt 2kg

For an optimum wash result, use the AlmaWin Salt for Dishwashers together with AlmaWin Dishwasher Powder or AlmaWin Dishwashing Tabs and AlmaWin Clear Rinsing Agent to soften water. The AlmaWin Salt for Dishwashers contains pure boiled salt. Without rinse aid, without preservatives, without dyes.
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Product number: OHBA-4101120
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Add the salt regularly according to the instruction manual. AlmaWin Dishwasher Rinsing Salt provides optimum water hardness in your dishwashing machine, protects dishes and dishwashing machine against bad lime residues and it is completely dissoluble.

Product type Dish washing
Brand Almawin
Country of origin Germany


100% sodium chloride.


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