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Alteya Organics Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) Essential Oil - organic 5ml


Antimicrobial, digestive tonic, stimulating.

Wormwood essential oil (also known as Green Ginger or Absinthium) can assist in the treatment of menstrual pain, fever, intestinal worms, parasites and toxic remains in the system. It also facilitates digestion.

100% pure, 100% natural, certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free.
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Product number: OHALEO030
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Botanical name: Artemisia absinthium.
Family: Asteraceae.
Method of extraction: steam distillation.
Plant part: leaves, twigs and flowering tops.
Scent: spicy, warm, bitter-green.
Colour: dark green.
Consistency: medium.
Perfumery note: top note.
Blends well with: jasmine, neroli, lavender.
Ingredient (INCI): Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood) Essential Oil.



Use in diffusers or in massages, only in extremely low doses, to improve digestion, reduce fever or get rid of abdominal pains.

Other uses

Wormwood essential oil can also be used as a fragrance component in toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes.

Wormwood can also be used in sprays or diffusers as an insect repellent.

Safety precautions >

Essential oil of Wormwood is toxic, due to the presence of high concentration of thujone in it. More precisely, it is actually a neurotoxin. So, extreme care should be taken while using wormwood for medicinal purposes and prolonged use should be avoided. It should be used with care in small quantities. It should not be used at all during pregnancy and breastfeeding or with children.

Product type Essential oils
Therapeutic effect Clarifying
Brand Alteya Organics
Scent Warm, spicy
Certifications Certified organic
Country of origin USA

Plant Origin

Wormwood essential oil is extracted from a small shrub originally native to Europe and Northern Africa.

The wormwood plant has a long history in folk medicine, and is best known as the key ingredient in the intoxicating drink absinthe, long consumed by artists because they believed it stimulated creativity. Wormwood essential oil contains the fragrant compounds that gave absinthe its particular flavor, and it also contains high amounts of thujone, a powerful psychoactive substance. For this reason, therapeutic use of wormwood essential oil requires particular care, and prolonged use of wormwood essential oil should be avoided.


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