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Biobrush Berlin Toothbrush for Kids - Blue

The Biobrush is a sustainable toothbrush made using a holistic, sustainable concept by incorporating leftover wood chips from the timber processing industry in Germany. The evenly cut, nylon bristles are based on natural castor oil. These bioplastic toothbrushes have a medium brush head and soft to medium bristles that allows it to reach all teeth easily.
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Loyalty points: 10
Product number: OH100-101



  • Gentle & effective
  • Made with organic plastic
  • Soft to medium bristle hardness
  • Environmentally-friendly & Vegan toothbrush
Product type Oral Hygiene
Brand Biobrush Berlin
Country of origin Germany


  • The colours used in Biobrush Berlin toothbrushes comply with DIN EN 13432.
  • The bioplastic is biodegradable in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14855 and the award-winning packaging is even compostable.
  • Biobrush won the German Packaging Award for Sustainability for their compostable packaging film.
  • The bristles are made from 100% natural raw materials.
  • The toothbrushes contain only very small amounts of fossil material.
  • Thermal energy resulting from their incineration will provide households with electricity and heating.


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