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Skin Advisory

What is my skin type?

Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to make a right decision about a proper skin care or treatment, which is suitable for your particular skin needs.

The initial quality, or type, of your skin is genetically determined – meaning that you are born with it. However, the health and beauty of your skin later in life largely depends on what you eat and how you take care of yourself.

A skin condition can affect any skin type. It is also determined from genetics, as well as hormones and external elements, such as weather or harsh cosmetics. Conditions occur in many different skin types and include dehydration, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and acne, among other skin conditions.

To always look great, the first step is to determine your skin type and possible skin condition(s) so that you can match it with the best recommended natural products and treatments.

Read our skin advisor or contact us and our trained skin advisors will be happy to help you and make some recommendations on your skin care routine.