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Farfalla Mandarin Green (Citrus reticulata) Essential Oil - organic 10ml


Mandarin Green essential oil has a beautiful tangy fresh, yet slightly bitter citrus aroma and is not quite as sweet as Farfalla Mandarin Red essential oil. This zesty oil has some great properties to help relieve stress and digestive problems, but is mostly used to increase circulation to the skin, reducing fluid retention and to help prevent stretch marks.

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Botanical name: Citrus reticulata.
Other names: Citrus nobilis, C. madurensis, C. unshiu, C. Deliciosa, Európai mandarin, Tangerine.

Country of origin: Italy.
Family: Rutaceae.
Method of extraction: cold expression.
Plant part: peel.
Colour: yellow to greenish-orange.
Consistency: thin.
Perfumery note: top note.
Scent: fresh, fruity, bitter.

Ingredients (INCI): Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Limonene*, Linalool*.
*: component of natural essential oil.
Major constituents: a-thujone, a-pinene, camphene, sabinene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, y-terpinolene, linalool, citronellal, terpineol-4-ol, nerol and geranial.
Blends well with: wood like sandalwood oil; florals like rose, geranium oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil and ylang ylang oil; other citrus oil such as lime oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil and lemon oil; spice oils such as cinnamon oil, clove oil and ginger.


  • in diffusers, massage oils or bath: Mandarine Green oil creates a feeling of warmth and security, but also cheers and inspires children and grown up people in the case of depression and tension. Often used for nervousness, stress, tension, insomnia, anxiety and digestive disorders.
  • in a lotion or cream: it is used to help prevent stretch marks.

100% natural essential oil (Demeter organic certification).

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Product type Essential oils
Therapeutic effect Refreshing
Brand Farfalla
Scent Fresh, citrus-like
Skin concern Fine lines & Wrinkles
Certifications Certified organic
Country of origin Switzerland

Plant Origin

Mandarin Tree is a native of China, but was taken to Europe in 1805 and a little later to America, who now is a large producer of this oil. The name "mandarin" is said to come from the fact that it was a traditional gift amongst the Mandarin people of China.

The difference between tangerines and mandarins are the fact that tangerines are harvested around November while mandarins are harvested around February. Tangerines are also deeper orange in color and do not have pips, while mandarins are more yellow and do have pips.


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