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Khadi Neutral Henna Treatment - Cassia/Senna 100g

Cassia obovata (Senna or natural Henna) is nature’s most perfect hair conditioner. It will make your hair strong and provide it with bounce. One application will show you the remarkable difference!
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Product number: OHBKH-040
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If you have bleached your hair with chemical dye, this is the herb for you. Additionally, it is specifically suited for blonde hair. Use Cassia obovata at least twice a month to restore hair health and give your hair the luster and shine lost by to repeated use of chemical hair colours.

Cassia obovata has a pale yellow golden dye. If you have blonde, very light or grey hair, the repeated use of Cassia obovata will revive hair and bring back that golden blonde shade.

Cassia obovata has been used for centuries to cure infections and fungal growth, and as such, is the best treatment that you can give your scalp and hair.

User Guide

BDIH natural cosmetics certification.

Product type Hair Masks
Brand Khadi
Hair type Hair strengthening
Country of origin Germany


Cassia obovata leaves.


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