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Khadi Hair Colour - Pure Henna 100g


Henna is a natural hair colour which gives the hair a bright reddish shade with hints of orange. The new hair colour will depend on your natural hair colour. The Henna powder will dye light blonde to orange and brown hair will take on a mahagony hue. Fine hair will take on colour more intensely. Hair becomes shinier and has more volume.

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Pure Henna contains natural colouring substances and can be mixed with several other herbs and powders to create a colour of your choice. Adding Indigo, Cassia or Amla will create different shades.
Khadi Amla, Henna, Indigo & Cassia can be mixed to create individual hair colours.
Results obtained by using Khadi natural hair colours depend on your hair type, your existing hair colour, the duration of the application & warmth applied to the hair.
Always conduct a strand test to establish the desired colour before application.
Use hot water (90°C) for Cassia, Henna & Henna, Amla & Jatropha. Use warm water (50°C) for Indigo or colours with Indigo.
Make a smooth, thick paste and apply the warm mixture on washed and towel dried hair.
Use plastic wrap, a shower cap and towel to retain warmth.
Exposure time - 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Note: These are natural colours. Conduct a strand test to experiment with the intensity of the colour outcome. The intensity of the colour will depend on the exposure time of the dye on your hair. 

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BDIH natural cosmetics certification.

Product type Hair Colours
Brand Khadi
Country of origin Germany


Lawsonia inermis (Henna).


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