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About us

Organic Harmony is a specialised webstore offering organic skincare and wellbeing products.

Established in 2009, the company team aims to provide the most effective and natural skincare solutions to those striving to live a healthy lifestyle.

The most of today’s cosmetics products are made using synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals that are far from being safe or healthy for the consumer or for the Environment. They not only trigger skin irritation and allergic reactions, but are believed to contribute to a variety of more serious health conditions.

With this in mind, we have been searching for the beauty products from eco-conscious brands, with the highest possible grade of healthy ingredients, all effective for their stated purpose.

Our team of beauty therapists stringently hand selects each product for its functionality, safety and efficacy.

We offer a wide range of certified natural and organic skincare, hair care, make-up products and perfumes that have been tested for their effectiveness. We have also brought together an outstanding collection of aromatherapy and wellness products to help you further balance and improve the health of your body and spirit.

All our products are completely free from any harmful ingredients, synthetic chemicals such as parabens, artificial colourings or fragrances and are not tested on animals. Most of them are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Formulated with high performing plant-powered ingredients, our products will not only give you a perfect complexion, but also improve the health of your skin in the long run!